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Bileam Tschepe

Hi! I'm Bileam aka elekktronaut, a Berlin based artist and educator creating audio-reactive, interactive and organic digital artworks, systems and installations with TouchDesigner and artificial intelligence, collaborating with and teaching people worldwide.

I was born in Berlin, Germany in 1995 and have lived, studied and worked here until the present. I've been employing the computer as a creative tool eversince I learned how to use it, starting early in my teens with HTML, CSS, PHP, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and similar software.

A year after finishing school I started studying Interaction Design at the School Of Popular Arts in Berlin and graduated in 2020. This program was mostly focused on "classical" design practices such as photography, typography and layouting as well as UI/UX, web design and app design. During this time I started learning Processing and Arduino, deepening my explorations during an internship at the studio of artist Daniel Palacios. And over the years, my interest in generative and audiovisual art grew significantly.

I then discovered TouchDesigner and fell in love with visual programming, its flexibility and possibilities of realtime rendering and live visuals. In 2019, I started properly learning the tool and began to record and share videos on it later that year. I've been sharing tutorials eversince, supported by an amazing group of people via Patreon. I am also doing freelance and commission work all over the world, ranging from simple projects such as album covers and short audiovisual clips to physical interactive installations, music videos and live performances. I've been sharing my artistic experiments on Instagram for a while and aim to use this website to do the same.

The main focus of my artworks is to create an organic and natural look and feel. Patterns and behaviours in nature are what mostly inspire me, alongside internal images such as those experienced in meditation or while listening to music and, of course, the work of numerous other talented artists.

Apart from design and coding, I've always been making music as a hobby, first with instruments such as the guitar, piano or violin, now mostly with Ableton Live.

I have worked with brands, clubs, artists and festivals from the UK, the US, Germany, India, Taiwan, China, Russia, Sweden, Dubai and more. These include: PHNTM & Martin Garrix, Printworks, Artechouse, Monomango, Hybrid, Chronica Luma, Marlon Hoffstadt, No Bloom Now, Aeroglyph Collective, Lightbox NY, NUR Festival, DAVE Festival, Zuibishe, Dmitry Selipanov, Microtones and many more.

I have taught at the SOPA Berlin and the HAWK Hildesheim and I host workshops as well as the monthly TouchDesigner meetups on Music Hackspace.

If you wish to learn more about my work or want to collaborate, feel free to reach out to me via mail [at]

More works and videos on YouTube, Instagram and Patreon. CV on request. And no, I don't sell NFTs :)